Sincerely welcome
W elcome to the beginning of a blog about business.
Blissberri Business BlogThe business of business.

The aim of this platform is simple: To inspire, motivate, engage and inform readers through enlightening everyday challenges and situations within business life, discussing various topics with a combination of subjective views and hard facts.

For anybody wondering about the name of this blog, which might be quite odd and not have very much to do with business as such.. This is a name that came to me in 2005 when I was pondering names of my businesses for when I one time were to start them. This is the reason why I had to call this blog “Blissberri Business Blog”.

If you have a genuine interest for business, if you have aspirations,  or if you’re just looking for a pinch of inspiration, stay tuned for what’s to come. You might just be delighted.