Get a frip-learn that handshake_5I’ve met a lot of business people over the years, and what always seems to amaze me is people’s handshake. Ranging from high flying executives to first job interviewees. While some have a firm and solid handshake, others (and there are a lot of them) have obviously not learned the art of the handshake..
In the Western and European world, the handshake is commonly used in initial greeting and on departure of a business meetings, as well as to “seal the deal”. Your handshake is one of the most important first impressions you give to others when they meet you. Think about it: In a business setting, which vibe do you want to give out? What do you want the people you meet to think of you? Remember, it’s all in the handshake.

There are many different types of handshakes, and I am not about to list them all. However, what I want to point out is this: If you want the other person to trust you, and you want to send a vibe of control, credibility and confidence – don’t merely lift your hand up in the air and wave it like it’s dead, or do a finger-tip grab, like you have absolutely no confidence what so ever. Sloppy handshakes will get you nowhere – so get a grip.