P rocrastination is almost an artform. If you think about it, it is kind of fascinating to see how we go about so diligently, avoiding the things that we “should” do. We will basically do ANYTHING and everything else, and create ANY excuse for not to do that one thing that we really ought to be doing right now.. Yes, it is fascinating, but it is sad too, because deep down we know that we would be much better off if we did not postpone and procrastinate on things and instead just did them. Yes, it would require work, but we would be happy and content instead of fearful with a bad conscience. To not procrastinate, requires a huge amount of willpower. We all have it in us, but it is up to us to use our will instead of giving in to our feelings.

Tim Urban has his own blog about procrastination. In February 2016 he joined TED Talks for a revealing of what actually goes on inside the mind of a procrastinator. My guess is that you will really recognize yourself in his examples. Because somehow – aren’t we all procrastinators at some things?

There is only one way to break this spell. Whatever you’ve got to do today, just do it!