I t´s LIVE! Finally my business is up and running and today, June 1st 2018, was the official launch day of Pickapaint AS. After a lot of work the last couple of weeks, the website and everything behind it is now ready. Don´t get me wrong, I still have A LOT of work to do going forward, but at least now we are live! I am super excited and happy to have reached a milestone, as well as a little bit terrified to fail.

So, for a one-person side-hustle company, how do you do a launch day?

I figured at this point, it had to be mostly about creating some buzz, starting to spread the word, and most importantly; to celebrate my own milestone. I started the day by posting a launch snap video to my closest friends and family. I also sent a couple of messages on text and messenger to friends and neighbours. At my work place, I bought a “launch cake” which I put in the kitchen with a sign on it that said launch cake for Pickapaint.no to create some buzz.  I also personally gave the link to my website to all my colleagues in the office telling them about my new venture. Later in the day, we installed the very first exhibition for Pickapaint AS, where it will hang all through this month.

All in all, it was a very good day. I got a lot of congratulations and praise and I even got a beautiful launch-flower bouquet from some friends of mine which was truly such a great gesture. It feels good to finally be up and running and to show people what I have materialized so far. However, I truly recognize that this is just the very first step in a long road ahead to get to where I want the company to be. Up next are contracts to be formulated, work partners to be found, marketing and advertising to be executed and technological development to be done. So, there´s only one thing to say: Let´s get to work, again!