How to love your job
I n business life, it’s sometimes hard to be grateful for where you are. It can seem as the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. While sometimes it is the right thing to move on from where you’re at right now, other times you might just need to relax, take a sip of coffee and think back.

Here are 10 pointers to help you appreciate the job you’re in:


  1. Think back. Try to remember the day you decided to join your organisation. Think about what excited you back then and where yu can find the thrill now.
  2. Look forward. What are the goals that would make you feel good if you achieved them by the end of the week and the end of the month? Work out what you need to do to make sure you get there.
  3. Value your own quirks. Everyone is different.; your uniqueness is a much greater strength than just fitting in. Be proud of your individuality.
  4. What do you like about your job? Write down 10 things, and then another 10. They’re out there, so if you can’t think of them, you’re not trying.
  5. Congratulate yourself. Celebrate your achievements at work. Try to remember all the things you have done in the past 6 months and write them down in list form. You’ll be surprised how long the list is.
  6. Look at the impact you have. Think about what you have done recently that has helped others flourish; from a smile for someone who doesn’t feel important to coaching a colleague through a successful project.
  7. Liberate yourself. Write down how you would spend your day if you had total freedom. Now do it – or at least work out what to delegate or to stop doing, so that you can.
  8. Listen out for praise. It may not be explicit or vocal, but a lack of complaints from a normally truculent boss can be just as good.
  9. Take one step at a time. If it all seems too much, break your challenges down into mini-milestones.
  10. Do something you enjoy. The rest can wait.


List from the fabulous little “self help” book; The Mind Gym: Wake up your mind, published by Time Warner. For more interesting stuff, or to join the mind gym to exercise your mind, take a look at