T he power of being your own media channel is huge. With the changes in the market thanks to tech and digital revolution, the powerhouse has shifted, and the power of the once all so mighty media companies have been spread out equally to all consumers. For those who are willing to spend the time and energy to learn how this new digital age can work in their favor and to take advantage of the huge opportunities that are out there, this is a golden era.

 It does not matter if you have the best product or service in the world, if nobody knows about it, you are not going to be able to sell it.

Let´s take two historical examples of two brands who used media in different ways to sell their products:

The Michelin guide that we all know today, was started by the Michelin tires company, in order for their customers to use up their tires and stopping in their stations, to increase sales? In the early 1900, Michelin tires decided to start writing reviews of hotels and restaurants in the country sides of Europe, because people were not driving enough and using up the tires and stopping their stations. They reviewed the hotels and restaurants positively if they were far away from the cities, in order to get the wealthy people out and driving. This has all turned out to the very well known and respected Michelin Guide that we know today.


Guiness Beer Company, after declining sales in pubs about the same time, realized that a lot of people were talking about trivia in the pub, so they invented the Guiness world Records, in order for people to start talking about crazy records and trivia at the bar, and use the word Guiness, so that they would subconciously re-order a Guiness in the pub.

   The future has all of its seeds in the past. Meaning that you have a lot to learn from it, and to become a bit more historically interested, when it comes to how the large brands have done things in the past.

When you do get to the place of becoming your own media channel, a big tip is to use storytelling and Media instead of advertising.
Consumers today are wary of bullshit. They recognize the traditional way of advertising miles away and do not respond to it anymore the way they used to in the past. This is why storytelling has become a much more efficient way of marketing and selling.

   Instead of making a traditional advertisement, create a small tutorial video, or write a useful facts article that enhances your brand.
Use media as a top of the funnel gate to sales around your business. Once you understand this way of thinking (the Media DNA vs Advertising DNA) you will probably be much more successful in your approach.