New year new start

W elcome 2019! Only a few days left to go until we enter a new year! A new year means new opportunities, new goals, new start and new habits!
There is really nothing special about a new year unless you make it so. Think forward for a moment; let’s say we’ve come to 2020 and you are summarizing the year of 2019. What would be part of your summary for it to be a dream-year for you? Now, write it down and start writing down/figuring out what you need to do to make it happen and go for it!

Here are 6 tips on how to start off the new year, to help make 2019 successful year for you:

  1. Take a break
    The Christmas holidays can actually be quite exhausting with all the preparations, presents, excess candy-eating and countless Christmas parties. Now might be a good time to take a breather, whether it’s going away for a holiday, taking some time to catch up on your sleep or simply taking a nice hike or a road trip to clear your mind and get some new inspiration. The most important thing to remember is to take care of you first. a lot of people forget to take care of themselves in busy times, but in order to help others, you actually have to take care of yourself.
  2. Tidy up!
    Clear out the clutter to make room for new ideas. Clean up your office space, clear out old files and things you no longer use, wipe off the dust and get organized. There is a lot less stress when you know where things are. Also,when it’s not in your sight, it’s not in your head…
  3. Write down your goals
    If you are like most people, you probably have some social events in your calendar for 2019 already. A good way to gain momentum is to write down your milestones, things you want to experience or get done in your calendar. This way they get visible, and it get’s easier to spot the periods where you have a lot going on and when there is room for more.
  4. Set a theme
    Instead of the old new-years resolutions, try to come up with a theme for your year ahead. It should be something that represents where you want to be, what you want to do and accomplish during the year. The theme you set will follow you throughout the year and will influence the choices you make. Write it down and keep it somewhere visible to remind you.
  5. Do what you love and be grateful
    Find activities that you love to do and make room for them, spend time with people you enjoy. This will boost your energy and make you feel good. Another way of feeling good, content and happy, is to focus on and acknowledge what you already have and be grateful for that. Being grateful and being happy are closely linked.
    Start off every day by thinking about all the great things in your life that you are grateful for. It can be your family and friends, the fact that you are alive, the beautiful nature that surrounds us or it can be the small things such as a great cup of coffee.
  6. Take care of your body
    Your body is your tool in this world and it is amazing. In order to have a good life, you need to have good health. Your body is very smart. Listen to it when it is trying to tell you something. Rest when you are tired, stop eating junk food and putting things in your body that you know is not good, eat for your cells, hydrate and move your body. This all might sound daunting, but it can actually be fun and inspiring. Get some great new foods and recipes and try it out. Set a training goal and get moving on a regular basis. Buy some new fun equipment to get you started. Explore the surrounding woods, mountains or parks that you’ve always wanted to do but never find the time for. Try out some completely new sports. Do your training with people you want to spend time with or listen to interesting podcasts or TED talks to learn something new.This list could go on and on, but in the end, you know what to do.. Go for it!