W hile being a perfectionist is well and great in some areas of life and business, it is not a good way to move forward in today´s busy world of media and marketing. Being a constant perfectionist might prohibit you from doing things that are essential for your business to grow, like

actually getting products to market before the gap closes, or posting that video which will go viral, or spreading a message that might result in big sales. I am not saying that you should not put in your best effort, nor that you should launch something you think is unfinished or not good enough. I AM saying however, that the truth is that the 80 % is better than zero, meaning that sometimes, instead of spending an ungodly amount of time for finishing touches to make a message “perfect” in your eyes, one has to let the perfectionist take the back seat and just get things done. The amount of effort and resources that one uses in obsessing over the last details are much better spent on actually executing and getting things done and getting things out there.