W elcome to the second post of The Diary of an Entrepreneur. Since my last post I´ve been spending countless hours in front of the computer, figuring out logos, templates, website design, webshop functionalities and how to present products and services in a consistent and effective manner. Let´s just say that Youtube, Google and web-support are my new best friends.. The good news is

that while this is a bit daunting at times, and I feel like every time I go one step forward and figure out a bug or a new idea, it suddenly takes me two steps back again. I am constantly learning new things which is exciting. It might just be the smallest thing like how to insert a short code into a website to make it look a bit better. And with every small thing I learn, my feeling of accomplishment strengthens, and every time that is strengthened, I feel just a little more motivated and a little more self confident, which generates a positive cycle of wanting to create more content, learning more and believing more in myself;  that I can do this.

I am also learning that everything takes time… Sooo much time! Every thing that I do ends up being more time consuming that my time-optimistic (delusional) self thought it would be.  Anyone else been there??..

– Jeanette