I love Tesla. I love what they stand for, I really like the brand, I totally admire Elon and I LOVE the Cars. However, there is a problem. It’s a huge incongruence with the brand and the service that is being provided from the company. It is in fact so bad that I, as a dedicated fan, really were considering yesterday to just hand in my car and get another one, like a Mercedes, BMW or a Volvo.. just something else. Now, this is a bit of a leap right now, since there are really no electric cars on the market to compete directly with Tesla. But this gap is getting smaller and smaller as new electric cars from the big car companies are soon available on the market. Then, Tesla will REALLY have a problem.

I would love for Tesla to succeed also in the future, but the way this is going right now, that will not happen. I am a very patient person, and a fan of Tesla, as I said. But even I, have my limits. 

Let me start by stating the fact that I love the car so much that I wanted an upgrade to my second Model S which I got delivered this previous autumn.

Now, when you sell a + $100,000 car, there are certain expectations to live up to. For instance, I as a customer would expect that upon delivery of this car, there would be a service and quality to match the brilliant car and the price in itself. I would not expect what really happened, which was this:

Upon delivery of the car, what greeted me, was a big «party tent» filled with cars for delivery (which seemed randomly put up in the parking lot in a hurry). I immediately got the impression of a mass production/assembly line. I was put in a line, handed over to a «kid» who seemed like he was hired as an extra for the week, who seemingly knew nothing about the car and had a rehearsed sales/delivery pitch. The sales papers/contract I got presented were wrong , which I catched immediately after a first glance. (Tesla – do you not even care to check you customer’s paperwork before delivery)? I had to wait for an extra hour just for you to fix the paperwork.

The entire experiance was bad and truly incongruent with my perception of the brand and the car. Already, I got the feeling of lack of administration and control. There were a few small things about the car that I pointed out upon delivery, which you said I would get an appointment to fix. And that is OK, just because I like the car so much that I can actually handle the fact that there are some small things that needs to be fixed along the way.

In my previous ownership of my last car, this also happened, and even though I had to drive up and down from the service center to get things fixed, and I sometimes also had to wait for a while, I accepted it, because I love the car so much and I had this understanding (call it empathy or whatever) that Tesla was trying their best. I wanted you to succeed so I accepted it.

Now, back to my recent purchase, one and a half years later:

After two months of owning the car, the Autopilot system broke down, along with the cruice control and windshield wipers, that were now only functioning on the two highest/fastest levels. Now, THIS is no small thing to me! This is something that I use EVERY DAY. (Do you know how annoying it is when your wipers don’t work as they should and you live in one of the rainiest cities in the world)?..

So, I sent an email explaining the issue, hoping that I would get an appointment to fix the problem. A few weeks went by and no answer. So I sent a second email, and then a third email, and still no answer. So I called you (and let me tell you, this is no easy task. To get a hold of Tesla these days is a nightmare)..
When I finally got through, you registered the issue and told me someone would contact me within the week.. Some more time passes and still no response.. So I take time out of my busy schedule, and actually drive to the service center to meet up in person to get an appointment.

I wait in line for a while (40 minutes in total to be exact) and I finally get an appointment for the next week to calibrate the camera. I meet up again the following week, taking time out of a busy work shedule. I then wait for 1,5 hours, just to have you tell me that you have done nothing, since you need to drive the car in xx km/h in xx minutes to do the calibration and this was not doable do to rush traffic. (Dah! – You knew the rush traffic at this hour, because it is like this EVERY DAY).

So, I get a new appointment 2,5 weeks later. I try to explain that this is way to long to wait, I need this fixed asap as this is something I use every day! You tell me that there is no way I can have an appoinment before this, as everything is fully booked.

2,5 weeks later, fast forwarding to yesterday, I get to my appointment (again). Which is no easy task since I have been given 2 appointments in one day, for you to be able to have as much time as possible to fix the car (one in the morning and one in the afternoon). I don’t get a rental car, since you only give out rental cars when your one appointment is longer than 4 hours. So I actually have to get my colleagues to come pick me up and drive me to get my car back at the end of the day. Thanks to great colleagues, I’m able to do this. When I arrive to get my car back on a Friday afternoon, I first have to wait for about 20 minutes (which has started to become the norm every time I am here). Then you tell me that unfortunately you were not able to fix the issue due to some parts that you don’t have and also that it is going to be a 12-hour job to get it fixed. So you tell me that you will schedule a new appointment sometime in May/June, because this is the next open space in your calendar.

By this time, I’m starting to get pretty F* frusterated. – Are you telling me that the features that I use every single day (on my seriously expensive and premium car that I’ve bought from you) that I have been bending over backwards to get fixed for the last 2 months, catering to YOUR every beck and call.. that this won’t be fixed for another 3-4 MONTHS?! Are you F* kidding me at this point???

Tell me, which customer, in their right mind, would ever accept this? 

I ask to talk to the manager, and the service personell (who is really a technican, just placed in the service center because everyone else is on sick-leave) asks me to please not do that. He tells me that you know you have some serious issues, and that you are working on getting them fixed and that it just takes time.. I get empathetic, because he is clearly over-worked, fumbling over the computer with programs that he is not used to work in, telling me that they get yelled at every single day from every unsatisfied customer. TESLA- What the F* is happening? What is your problem? It seems there might be a few..

The last 5 times I’ve been at the service center, I’m met by a messy parking space full of cars everywhere. And when I get inside, I’m usually met with a line of customers who are clearly frusterated.

You’ve got this great open space, glass surfaced, minimalistic store and service center. However, this is just overlooked by the mess and chaos in there. There are cases and papers everywhere, temporary tables and chairs are put up and staff are running around in sweat pants. (- Really?!)

There is no use in being the most innovative and disruptive company with a strong brand and the greatest cars… If you are not able to meet customer’s expectations, you WILL loose.

TESLA – You are just giving me all these bad assosiations and you are just forcing me to not reccomend people anymore to buy Tesla. Most of all you are just making me a bit sad, to realize that did you come this far, only to come this far? Don’t become a good example of a bad business case. You seriously have to do something about this situation, and you have to do it NOW. I truly hope you are able to fix this and continue your success. It would truly be a great waste, otherwise.