Thinking Fast and Slow_BookI  love to read books and learn new things. I usually download Audiobooks from Audible and play them in my Audible app. If I really like the books, I might end up ordering a paperback copy from Amazon as well. Although I like the occasional fiction book, I usually go for books that can provide me with new insights, tools and information that can somehow contribute to me being the best version of myself. Under the menu tab “resources” and “books” you will find my reviews and recommendations going forward.  My first book in this section, is a book that I read a couple of years ago, entitled: “Thinking Fast and Slow“:

Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman is a book that enlightens the very fact that there are two ways of thinking, one of which is fast, intuitive and emotional, while the other has a slower and more logical approach. It makes you aware of how you are actually processing information and why you make the decisions you make and make up your mind the way you do. It also shows how extremely influential people are to the media, commercials and other influences, and how easy it is to jump to the wrong conclusions.  In the business world, as well as in everyday life, you are bound to make an enormous amount of decisions every day. This book is giving you that extra insight and awareness about how to avoid making the wrong decisions.

The book is both practical and theoretical, and has many good examples, which really gets you thinking about how your mind works. While being theoretical it is also highly entertaining. It might sometimes require extra focus from the reader due to its theoretical and scientific details but don’t give up on it. It is really worth the read.

As well as being a major New York Times best seller, this book has won a wast amount of awards.  Take a closer look at the reviews here. You can buy the book at Amazon, or download it to you mobile phone as an audio book.