W hat exactly is leadership? I will tell you what it is not. It is not being a boss, manager or a superior. You cannot be paid or promoted to be a leader. A leader is something that you are, regardless of your position.

So many of us get the terminology confused. I see this especially in my own language, where we constantly talk about leaders, superiors, managers and bosses as the same thing.

I believe that true leadership is an art. Being a leader requires a lot of you as a person. Some people are natural born leaders, yes. But there is also a lot to be learned about leadership.

You step into the role of a leader and leadership when you:

  • Deploy empathy
  • Have a vision that you work towards and get others to work towards
  • Empower others
  • Lift others up
  • Lead the way
  • Act as you want others to act
  • Listen to understand
  • Take responsibility and initiative
  • Let others try and fail
  • Help, guide and mentor others
  • Play on people´s strengths
  • Understand everyone´s uniqueness
  • Help people shine, grow and develop
  • Motivate and inspire others
  • Have others want to follow you
  • Have got your people´s back
  • Give others honest praise and constructive criticism
  • Deploy unselfishness and leave your ego at the door

What is your take on leadership?