Too many people overcomplicate, overthink, procrastinate and just never start – because they think that whatever it is that they want to accomplish is too hard, that they lack the skills, that they will be rejected, etc.

Being NAIVE simply strips you from all of these invisible burdens that hold people back from even trying. You are “NAIVE” enough to think that your plan will actually work, that you are going to pull it off. You can´t see how it can be so hard. You can´t see why they would reject your great idea. You haven´t attached any associations to the people that you will compete against, the people you will sell to or the people you will work with – of being either too good for you, too advanced, too powerful, unapproachable, etc.  – What a gift that is.

The power of naivety is truly amazing.

It makes you do things that other´s would brand as stupid or not have the courage to do. If you are so lucky as to not have had any prior experience with what you are about to set off doing, either if it is a new job, a new venture or a new project of some kind, embrace the fact that you don´t know exactly what you´re getting yourself into and believe that you can do it.  THAT might just end up being your true competitive advantage.

For those who have already formed “unhealthy” associations or doubts to processes or own capabilities, remember:

  • To believe in yourself
  • That other people (no matter how scary and unapproachable they might seem) are just people
  • That hard work trumps talent any day in the long run
  • That our limitations are most often the ones that we set for our selves in our minds.
  • That we tend to always overestimate other people´s capabilities and underestimate our own