how to write your goals for the new year

I t is the first day of 2019! Happy New Year!


A new year means new opportunities, new goals, a new start and new habits!
There is really nothing special about a new year unless you make it so. Think forward for a moment; let’s say we’ve come to 2020 and you are summarizing the year of 2019. What would be part of your summary for it to be a dream-year for you? Now, write it down and start writing down/figuring out what you need to do to make it happen and go for it!

How do you write your goals and get motivated and re-energized for the year ahead?

Here I share my own process and tips on how to write your goals for the new year:

Every year at the very beginning of January, I like to sit down in a comfortable space and write my goals for the coming year.  To me this is sort of a ritual. I make sure that I have time completely to myself, I always sit down in a comfortable space which gives me energy and good vibes. I make sure that I have some of my favorite things with me, such as my best notebook and pen, a good cup of coffee, perhaps a good smoothie, some nice snacks, maybe a good lip balm, some nail polish, a facial mask.. you name it! The clue is to be surrounded by the small things that makes you happy.

The last three years I’ve spent my first week of the year on vacation somewhere warm and I’ve written my goals in the sun bed, overlooking the ocean or the pool. This year, I’ve sat down on my desk in my home office and carved them out. Although I’m missing the sun, this is a very good place too 😉

These are my tips on how to do it:

  1. Start with reflection. Sit down, think back and reflect over the year that has been. Write down all the highlights of the year and your big moments. Write down your accomplishments and your wins. What did you learn? How has your progress been? What were things that advanced your life in the direction you want to go? This list is super important, because these are the things that will push you into 2019 with enthusiasm and energy. If you don’t remember everything at once, then go back to this list and fill it up.
  2. If you had goals for the previous year, review these. Tick off the goals that you achieved, and don’t forget to feel good! Often it is good to tap your own shoulder and say “well done you, good job!”. If there are goals on the list that you did not achieve, then take a moment to reflect on why you did not achieve them. Often our priorities and things in general change over the year. Do you have to alter anything about them? Are they going on the list for the coming year? In that case, what will you have to do differently this year in order to reach them?
  3. Don’t focus on the things that went wrong. This is an important point to note. As far as you’ve concerned, 2018 is merely research and development for 2019. Never focus on the things that did not go according to plan or if bad things happened. What is done is done, learn from it and let it go. (LET IT GO). All of your energy should now be directed at one thing only, and that is the amazing year of 2019.
  4. Write your goals for the coming year. After a good round of reflection, you are ready to write down your goals for 2019! If you are anything like me, you might have them all quite clearly in your head. If not, then you can split this session up into several working sessions for example over a couple of days, leaving you to really think and reflect on your goals for the year.
  5. Make a more detailed plan for your biggest goals. As humans we tend to look at a big undertaking and perhaps get discouraged, since we don’t know exactly how to accomplish it. You have to remember that the truth of the matter is that every big undertaking is nothing more than a series of small steps. So really, all you have to do, is to break your goal down into small manageable tasks. You don’t even have to know all the steps in the beginning. As long as you take one step at the time, the things that you don’t yet know you will have to do, will surface by themselves as you go along. Looking at your goals, you can ask yourself: What new skills do I have to acquire to accomplish my goals? What are the obstacles that I need to overcome in order to accomplish my goals? Then write a plan for this as well.

Before you know it, your goals for the year have been set, and it is time to get to work! A good tip is to review your goals every couple of months throughout the year, to see where you’re at, and perhaps you need to alter some things along the way too.

 Remember that it is not what you do every once in a while that makes the difference, but the small things that you do consistently.

Best of luck to you in accomplishing your goals for 2019!